Saturday, 5 January 2008

paranoia: "Use your CDROM drive to read audio tracks.... and have it actually work right!"

For some reason I use the latest testing version of cdparanoia (which hasn't been updated for a while now -

cdparanoia III release 10pre0 (August 29, 2006)

I think this is because the stable version, 9.8, wasn't being paranoid enough on recent versions of linux where my cdrom drive gets treated as SCSI, in some strange way. (It's a standard ATAPI drive). I was getting different results for rips of the same track, which is what paranoia is supposed to avoid.

I do cmdline ripping, no fancy tagging. I don't know whether the GUIs are paranoid enough, and its nice to know whats actually going on. Recently I've been using "picard" to add tags afterwards.


# cd -> audio_??.inf audio.cddb audio.cdindex
icedax -device $DEV --info-only --cddb 0

# cd -> track??.cdda.wav
cdparanoia --force-cdrom-device $DEV --batch --abort-on-skip

# *.wav -> *.flac
for i in *.wav; do flac --best --replay-gain $i; done &

# *.wav -> *.mp3 (includes fast replaygain as standard)
for i in *.wav; do lame --preset standard $i; done &

A new years resolution

To log my tech experiences.

This is for purely selfish reasons, of course. Next time I re-install, I'll have my hacks and recipes recorded.