Friday, 20 June 2008

Git (Guilt) followup

Aha! The Guilt docs say

"The patch directory can also be placed under revision control, so you can have a separate history of changes made to your patches."

I assumed this meant "git-add .git/patches/master". That's not possible though as Git doesn't believe you should be able to shoot yourself in the foot by tracking files under .git/. But it does let you do "cd .git/patches/master; git-init", and create a second repo under .git/. I guess this is what the doc means by a "separate history".

The advantage of this format is I can easily publish all my changes before I'm 100% happy with them. So I've now published the complete code for module-init-tools indexes, which shaves a whole second off my EeePC boot-time. It passes the testsuite, as well as my own "does it break my computer" test:

time grep MODALIAS /var/log/udev | cut -d = -f 2- | xargs -n1 /sbin/modprobe 2>&1|sort -o a
time grep MODALIAS /var/log/udev | cut -d = -f 2- | xargs -n1 ./modprobe 2>&1|sort -o b
diff a b

I just need to clean it up a little now and wait for the maintainer to get back in touch with me.

WARNING. It is not suitable as a drop-in replacement for module-init-tools. At least on Ubuntu/Debian, their module-init-tools package has been heavily customized with extra options, in particular -Q (--silent). Your Ubuntu will likely fail to boot if you build modprobe from scratch and install a binary which doesn't support the -Q option.

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